About me


Age: 21

Country: Sweden


Musical instrument: Vocals

Voice type: Mezzo-soprano

TV-series: Stargate SG-1, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Häxan Surtant, House, Lie To Me and some others.

Movies: My alltime favorite is Edward Scissorhands. I like most things Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Quirky movies. Fantasy/Adventure, (old) Disney. I also like happy movies with beautiful people. I don’t like gore, I prefer psychological thrillers. I can’t watch horror movies because of my very vivid imagination. If I do I have nightmares for weeks. I think a fucked up mind is scarier than fucked up actions. I’m an atmosphere junkie.

Games: Final Fantasy, Zelda, Super Mario, The Sims.

Unknown talent: I’m a hobby webdesigner -developer. Pretty well educated (self educated) in HTML and CSS. Mostly I just jerry-rig stuff in JavaScript/jQuery, I’m nowhere near fluent in either…
I hand code in Dreamweaver or Notepad++.
Started out when I was 14.

Browser: I use Safari on a PC.

OS: WinVista, dualboot with Linux Ubuntu.

I’m not an utter noob, but I’m definitely no pro either, so don’t ask me for help, most likely I won’t be able to help you. Command line is still a jungle to me.

Harry Potter: I used to be a huge Harry Potter fanatic, loved the books, learnt English much thanks to those bookbricks. The fifth book was the first I read in English (they’re sooo much better in English, and then they were already amazing in Swedish). I was 11 and visiting mum’s cousin in Australia. Her daughter had the book. I was originally slightly intimidated, I wasn’t really that good at English at the time but HAD to know what happened to Harry… ruined my sleep those first weeks =) 

I knew everything there was to know about everything Potter-related. I even wrote a fanfiction once! It was about Minerva MacGonagall as a girl…

Nowadays I’ve sort of… drifted away. I became a music fan. Got a life (!) with real friends.But lost some of that magic. Trying to find it again.

JK Rowling inspires me to be myself.

Nightwish: Was a huge Nightwish fan for a couple years. Knew everything there was to know about that band, knew every song. Think I’ve read hundreds of interviews. We’ve grown apart these days. It’s still that “could’ve be from my diary” feeling from the lyrics and some of the music still touches me on a deeper level than any other, but… not everything, and not so completely, like it used to. Like Century Child, many songs from the earlier albums. Because they REALLY could have been written by me. An eerie almost creepy feeling sometimes, I kid you not. I still get the lyrics, and I can still relate very much, but it’s no longer that feeling… like, I can identify myself completely, that it’s like entering my own head and heart, my own private imaginary world.

Nightwish and Sonata Arctica were the first metalbands I fell in love with. The first album of any genre I fell in love with is Roar Of Love by 2nd Chapter of Acts.

Shipping: Ryou and Yami Bakura. I think they’re my OTP. Jack and Daniel, they’re so obvious. They’re like an old married couple =) Ron & Hermione. Lily & Snape. Sora & Laila.

Another interest of mine is personality physhology. MBTI etc.

I like cooking. Trying out new dishes.

I’m interested in fashion, clothes, MAKE-UP(!), shoes, nailpolish, I could go on and on here…

I have two cats, Evita and Maja. Blue-pointed Sacred Birman (Evita), and Norwegian Forestcat-mix (Maja). I love animals and can’t stand to see them hurt. That’s the most disgusting form of crime. I don’t always reblog posts about animal cruelty, because I can’t stand to read it or look at it. It hurts too much.

Political views: I believe in freedom, don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want to have done to you or those you love, solidarity, justice. Equal chances, equal rights, equal obligations. Power to the people. Knowledge to the people.

I support actions such as Wikileaks and Anonymous. I support Greenpeace and Amnesty International. Open-source. Sharing of information.

The world isn’t perfect. There’s no political party that I support 100%, but in general, and for Swedish government I usually vote social liberal.

:( = corruption, selfishness, hypocrisy, power-madness, stupidity, short-sightedness, pollution, discrimination, lying, misleading.

Religious views: I was raised in a Christian family. I definitely believe in creation, I do believe there is (some kind of) a God, I have to believe we go to a better place when we die, I want to believe in goodness and meaning. But there is so much I don’t get, and I don’t call myself a Christian. Maybe Agnostic-Theist would be the label. 

I believe everybody should be free to believe in whatever they want, or not believe in anything. But I also think people should never try to make others believe as they do forcefully. And the civil laws and constitution should go above religious laws.

Music: I love music. I often feel music physically. Music is emotion.

I like many different kinds of music. Good music is good music no matter what genre or who’s made it.

But I have preferences. (This section is a work in progress.)

Metal: Especially symphonic metal. 

After Forever, Tristania, Epica, Nightwish, Star one, Ayreon, Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation, ReVamp, Theatre of Tragedy, The Gathering, 3rd and the Mortal, Tarja, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Tiamat, My Dying Bride, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Anathema, Sisters Of Mercy, Arch Enemy, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Dream Theater.

Pop: Especially dance pop. With pop music I more often like just one song.

Madonna, Lady Gaga, Robyn, Kate Ryan, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Sugababes, Jeffree Star, club music, workout music.

I also like: U2, The Ark, Kent

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