Pretty sure I’m still INFP.


INFJs will seem sure of themselves while INFPs unsure until the information is conclusive.

This makes us seem like we are changing our core values about things as we gather more and more information. What is really happening is that we are developing our ideas about something and talk about it during the development cycle, but the core value remains unchanged until the ideas are finalized. We then change the core value the ideas were related to, if the new information suggests we should. 

This is sort of how I am? It makes me look wishy-washy—and, admittedly, that’s what I am—but I’m reluctant to state my views on a topic until I know ~all~ the information. For me, there are few things more embarrassing than spouting an under-developed idea. This is why, in debates, I’m usually the one asking questions, maybe starting the debate—all without expressing my own thoughts. I’ll set up the debate for the sake of finding out others’ viewpoints and understanding why people believe what they believe. That sort of stuff.

Sometimes this makes it look like I’m expressing a controversial viewpoint, which…has gotten me flack in the past. But for the most part, I’m just asking folks what they think of something. Because I think it’s something worth discussing, something I’d like to better understand. 

I do that.

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  4. scapetheserpentstongue said: I sometimes have these tendencies, too. I can be really indecisive for this reason, but it’s because I want to make sure that I have aaaaaall the infoooooo before making any decisions. I don’t want to make uninformed judgments.
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