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How to: re-enable the context menu on websites with disabled right-click

I must start by saying that it really annoys me. There are quite a few people under the mistaken belief that a no-right-click script will protect their page content.

It’s ridiculously easy to workaround, but it takes a few seconds. And I feel a bit sorry for the majority of internet users who doesn’t know how to or that it can be done.

Right-click is disabled by a script. So what you gotta do is block it. Here are some methods.

  • Disable ALL scripts. The downside of doing this, is that more complex functions like for example, hearting something on tumblr, (that’s scripting involved) won’t work until you turn on Javascript again. Simply put, browsing without Javascript enabled sucks. Many websites won’t work properly. But it’s effective and simple, albeit drastic. (If you don’t know how to disable Javascript in your browser, Google or ask me ^_^) 

  • There’s a bookmarklet. Save the following link to your favorites/bookmarks. Enable Right Click, (drag and drop it if your browser supports that, otherwise right click and Save link as… or similar). When you reach a page that disables the context menu in your browser simply select this option from your favorites/bookmarks menu and whatever method that they have used to disable right clicking will itself be disabled and you will once more be able to access the navigation options in the context (right click) menu.

  • There’s a really neat add-on for Firefox; RightToClick. Description: “Stops javascript annoyances such as forbidden right click, forbidden text selection or cascading dialog boxes.” Really useful!

And of course you can also use Greasemonkey and the likes, but if you use those extensions, you probably won’t need this guide anyway =)

If you have disabled right-click on your website, please read this and reconsider!

Read this article Don’t Disable Right Click! by Sitepoint - really well written, head on the nail!


Disable-Right-Click scripts are pointless because there are too many ways that your visitors can get around it.

What makes using such a script even worse is that it blocks your visitor’s access to the other options within the context menu that they may wish to legitimately use to navigate around the web.

Overall using such a script on your web site will drive your legitimate visitors away, not stop any would be thieves from stealing your images or viewing your page source, and will generally show people that you do not understand very much about how the web works. You should never have any reason to use such a script on your site (except where you are providing a working example of how useless such scripts are).

Stephen Chapman (

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I hope nobody follows links you get in anonymous messages, it leads to virus and hackery.

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