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Recommended Daily Anderson


Recommended Daily Anderson

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Book recommendation:

One of my favourite fanfic writers is making a career with original stories! Maybe you have read Jack/Daniel (Stargate SG-1) stories by Panther?

She writes as DP Denman, and her first book is avaliable at Smashwords for free this week! It’s called Changing Tide, and is a romance novel. 

It’s well written, and a great first story! I’m looking forward to read more books from her. But she’s just starting out, and needs some readers =)

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Stargate SG-1: Season 8, Episode 8 “Covenant”

Carter: Okay, here’s a possibility. What if it wasn’t really an Asgard?

Jackson: Looked like one.

Carter: Didn’t sound like one.

Jackson: It didn’t say anything.

Carter: That’s my point. Colson wrapped things up pretty quickly without taking any questions.

Jackson: It was a perfect likeness.

Carter: Imagery of little gray aliens has been commonplace on Earth for years. For that matter, Colson could have a picture.

Jackson: So not a real Asgard?

Carter: No Asgard we know would allow himself to be used that way.

Jackson: Well, it did look a little vacant.

Jack, Sara and Charlie.
The O’Neills before it all went wrong. Or right? :/
I like to think of it as Jack’s first family, and Daniel as his second ^_^
But awwww, Jack :’(

Jack, Sara and Charlie.

The O’Neills before it all went wrong. Or right? :/

I like to think of it as Jack’s first family, and Daniel as his second ^_^

But awwww, Jack :’(

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Sam in Continuum.


Unpopular opinion, but Katee Sackoff is not my 616 Carol Danvers.

Nothing against Sackoff — I just think she’s much too young (and not quite the right build) to pull off any comics or cartoon version of Carol Danvers. Now, if the MCU decided to introduce a younger Major Carol Danvers, then Sackoff would be fantastic, I’m sure. But comics!Carol is a retired full bird colonel, which puts her age at mid 40s. Early 40s, at an absolute minimum, but I would rather see Carol in her mid-to-late 40s. After all, Carol worked for NASA after the Air Force, so we have to imagine some time has passed since her retirement.

If Marvel Studios ever got over their sexism and cast an “older” actress, then Amanda Tapping is the obvious choice, IMHO. Had Captain Marvel been introduced in 2008 instead of Iron Man, Tapping would have been the absolute perfect age. (She’s now 48, which is pushing it a little. But hey, RDJ is way older than comics Tony should be, so what do I know.)

I’ve captioned these photos, so please take a look! You can’t tell me that Amanda Tapping, all suited up in the cockpit of a fighter jet, doesn’t scream “Captain Marvel” to you…

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So I notice all these fandoms. Anyone know where the Stargate SG-1 fandom is?




It exists! I’m part ^_^

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Stargate SG1 S04E03 Upgrades

Jack: This is ridiculous. It was an accident.
Daniel: Siler has a broken arm and a concussion.
Jack: He’ll pull through. I sent flowers.
Daniel: You have to admit it’s a little scary, I mean I feel like I could do…anything.
Sam: Well all I know is that I’m going to starve to death. I don’t know about you guys but I’m having some serious protein cravings.
Jack: Steak. 
Daniel: I could go for that!
Jack: Big, red, juicy meat…
Sam: O’Malley’s in town.
Jack: Let’s go!
Jack: Let’s eat!
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