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I also made these syrup cookies. They are really quick! Takes 15 minutes to make.


100 g butter (room temperature)

1 dl sugar

2 dl flour approx

1-2 tbs syrup

1 tsp baking powder

1 tbs vanilla sugar

0.5 - 1 tsp cinnamon

Mix butter, sugar and syrup and cinnamon. (The more you mix the softer it gets.) Mix until smooth. Add 1 dl flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar. Add the rest of the flour.

Sometimes you might need 0.5 to 1 dl more, but no more than 3 dl. If it gets too dry, add more syrup. You want to be able to put it in two long lines on a baking pan and flatten the rolls with your fingers. It should be sticky enough to stick to your fingers but not so sticky it won’t stay on the pan.

And give the dough a nibble, it should taste good ;) If it doesn’t, add more syrup or vanilla. 

Bake in oven approx 10 min.

Immediately draw lines. It takes a couple minutes for the cookies to cool and become crispy.


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