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I used to LOVE Epica to death, I still do, but the fact that Simone just posts/talks and cares about make-up/hair/nail polish really bugs me A LOT. There’s nothing wrong about liking those, but to be posting pics of ‘look how beautiful I am’ everytime IS REALLY ANNOYING.

Then DO NOT GO TO HER PERSONAL BLOGS!!! Couldn’t be simpler than that. And, you know, I sort of understand why it bugs you, you’re a metal fan ergo you want to hear about metal. Simone’s blog is clearly about lots of other things! So why go there at all? Personally I enjoy her personal blog a lot. But then again, I’m a fan of makeup and style and fashion, to me she’s a great style icon, and it’s inspiring to see her look of the day.


I like how Simone Simons can talk about hair and make up, but isn’t she supposed to talk more about Epica creative process and music in general too? That’s her main activity, I mean. She should talk about it more often.

Simone should talk about what ever in the world she wants. She’s a person, not certain peoples “personal goddess”. And that means, she can do whatever she likes with her hair, she can blog about whatever she likes, she can do anything anybody else does. She’s not Epica. Sure, she’s the singer of Epica, but she’s not the band, not the “figurine of female fronted metal” she’s not just the singer of Epica. She’s A PERSON. For crying out loud.

And her personal blogs are for those who are interested to hear about Simone the person. If you want to hear about Epica, then visit Epica’s website, facebook etc. Piece of cake.

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